The Corporate Mystic Tarot Deck is here to help you make sense of your career questions by rubbing some much needed work-place mysticism all over your doubts.

Get into it!

Explore your career journey with the Corporate Mystic Tarot Deck. Start as an intern, happily work your way through stations and situations. Mix them, define ironic outcomes and strategies for any given challenge.

The beginning
You will start your journey as an eager and excited Intern, at the bottom of the corporate ladder, your head filled with great ideas and your coffee ordering skills polished and at the ready.

Your choices
After not too long, you will level up and meet your Corporate Recruiter who will sell you on a job that may or may not exist as advertised, dazzling you with words like “culture” and “principles”.

Working away
Having excitedly accepted the new shiny job, you will meet the all-knowing, all-seeing Project Manager. The one simultaneously responsible for everything and nothing at all. They will either smooth everything out, or make everything impossible.

Moving up
You are now ready for that long-awaited promotion and are poised to become an entry-level Account Executive. Learning to walk the thin line between team and client, always in both camps, always looking for that golden opportunity to join the other team.

Your career
The many situations and characters that make up your career journey, in the end amount to a self-built cage with an always available choice: stay or fly away.

One career, with many ways to interpret it

The game play or reading technique is the same as the classic tarot — the outcomes are entertaining, simple to understand and interpret. The major arcana cards tell a story, the minor and major arcana combinations extend it.

THE DAILY CARDDesigned to answer Yes / No questions and guide you through the day.

PAST, PRESENT, FUTUREWill give you a progression and direction in a given situation.

SITUATION, ACTION, OUTCOMEWill build awareness and a bias for action. Aim for the perfect blend of passive aggression.

THE 3 OPTIONSGive yourself 3 options and reason through them. Highlighting the potholes on the road to success.

THE CELTIC CROSSThe complete solution to complex questions, gives 360deg situation awareness.

THE ANNUAL REVIEWMandatory for maximum return during the annual self-flagellation ritual.

The Corporate Mystic Tarot Deck

An illustrated tarot card deck designed and printed in the USA, on 330 GSM Premium paper playing card stock - smooth finish. Offered by Redoctober Industrie.

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2.75 X 4.75 INCHES.

The Corporate Mystic — conceived, designed and illustrated by Andi Rusu, a Seattle based Designer / Creative Director. More info at: